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Fencing project

June 1, 2015

Some days, you can work your butt off and not feel like you've made much progress. Today was not one of those days. In a matter of two hours, we were able to get our newest outdoor paddock etched out and scavanged the required materials to start putting up fencing. 


My father-in-law is a master fence maker- having his knowledge and quick wire-tying skills helped us get moving much faster than we would've otherwise. 


It may not look like much, but we've been talking / planning the best and most cost-effective way to get the pigs outside for a while now and it feels so great to get some real progress moving forward on it.


As rain clouds gathered again! (sheesh, Mother Nature. I still have planting to do!), we worked on getting the first few hog panels secured to fence posts in the back "jungle". The pigs will surely make quick work of this and as a double bonus, I will no longer have to mow it! This is my not-so-secret ulterior motive to getting more grazers outside on the farm- less mowing for me to do each week. 

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