Happy Piggies and Toddler

June 13, 2015

We worked the pigs yesterday morning-- replaced a lot of the deep straw bedding, cleaned the dunging area (surprising no one, raising pigs isn't always glamorous), cleaned out the waterer and feeder. 


Boy, were these little guys happy to have a fresh pile of straw to root around in. 

If you ever get a chance to spend much time with some pigs, especially small-ish ones like these are, do it. They're curious as all get out and want to see, sniff, and nibble everything they can. By the time I climbed out of the pigpen, they had untied my boot laces twice and caught me off guard a couple times with their wet snouts. 

 Considering they are, well, pigs, they keep remarkably clean quarters with precise areas where they eat, sleep, and "do their dirty work", as my father in law would say. This makes our job easier, for which I am ever grateful to the pigs for. As much as I love our piggies, lets say that cleaning up their crap isn't my favorite job. :D


I'll leave you today with a small reminder of why I love the life I lead. This afternoon, the Toddler and I went to the farmers market nearby and stocked up on produce, eggs and steak for the week. We came home after grabbing treats at the Tasty Freeze (salted carmel ice cream, anyone?) and proceeded to do some light weeding in my own garden. After I left to fortify myself with a Shandy, I saw Nora continued to play and "weed" in the back garden. I couldn't whip out my camera fast enough to catch it, but seeing her run down the hill towards me just made my afternoon-- working hard to build a great quality of life for myself and kiddo. 

 Happy Friday, everyone!!


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