Happy Pigs Out on Grass

July 9, 2015

I think the Toddler put it aptly yesterday while she was watching the feeder pigs prance outside when she said (repeatedly and with gusto), "Happy! Pigs!" 


Yes, finally the first fencing project on Prairie Point Farm is complete. This has been a labor of love, as we wised up to the capital cost of building out a large perimeter fence and making paddocks within and scavanged for (almost) all of the supplies that had been used in years past on this farm. Boy, has it paid off too! 

 The pigs were a little cautious initially. Not sure what to think about the outdoors. We returned about 15 hours later and this was their progress. 

 The pigs are happily doing what pigs do best: digging, rooting, noshing on grass, dirt & grubs and generally being destructive. The part that makes me most excited (other than not having to mow this section of the farm anymore!) is that all this running and diggin is building quality muscle mass, which will make for a more-delicious finished product! It shouldn't be rocket science that happy, healthy animals allowed fresh air and not put on drugs make tastier final products. I love these pigs, but boy am I looking forward to taking them to that great pasture in the sky in October and refilling my chest freezer... 


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